Our prism can become our prison.


With NBC News, Lois Stark covered countries at times of transition—Abu Dhabi’s catapult to the 20th century, Cuba ten years after their revolution, the Israeli Air Force in the Six Day War,  Northern Ireland during its time of religious conflict, and Liberia’s social split.

Lois Stark produced films on architecture, medical research, wilderness protection, artists, and social issues among her forty documentaries. Her films earned an EMMY, three Golds in international film festivals, the Silver Gavel from the American Bar Association and have been shown around the world.

"...made people of conflicting views and of different races reach out to each other." 

"...a vital necessity in this troubled period of our history." 

--TV Guide


Justice for All ? –  Legal Aid Society, NBC News
Sun, Sand and Bagpipes – Trucial Oman Scouts, NBC News
The American Wilderness – National parks, NBC News
Have Troops, Will Travel – Modern mercenary, NBC News
Miami Si, Cuba No – Cuban exiles, NBC News
The Twenty-First Century Man – First decade of Cuba’s revolution, NBC News
Medicine In America: Life, Death and Dollars – Healthcare, NBC News
The Orange and the Green – Northern Ireland’s conflict, NBC News
The Perils of Prosperity – Abu Dhabi, NBC News
Home Country USA – Rural American roots, NBC News
We Are What We Build – Architecture, KPRC-TV
Out of Mind, Out of Sight – Mental health, KPRC-TV
Cures to Come – Medical research, KPRC-TV
We’ve Never Met – Community isolation, Natl. Council Mayors
Ashes to the Rainbow – Holocaust artist, Worldwide art exhibit