A Second Gold for The Telling Image: Next Generation Indie Book Award


The Telling Image Wins Gold

The Telling Image: Shapes of Changing Times was awarded a Next Generation Indie Book Award in the category of Coffee Table Book/Photography!


Another happy surprise. My book, The Telling Image: Shapes of Changing Times won another Gold book award. Next Generation Indie Book Awards will celebrate its winners in a Washington, DC ceremony in June. This Gold adds to the Gold from Nautilus Book Awards. It is gratifying that the book’s ideas and images on our search for pattern and meaning have found their way into the minds of readers.

Images are the dominant language of our time. Visual processing takes up 30% of the brain’s function. It is the first and foremost way we take in the world. The 200 images in this book reveal how humans throughout time, from migratory to modern living, have made sense of the world through shape. So it is particularly fitting that this Gold award is for the category of Coffee Table Book/Photography. The eyes are our portal and pathway. Yet, the way we see and understand the world shifts at pivot points in history.

Pattern recognition is a buzz word of our data processing age. Yet pattern recognition is what humans have always done, ordering the world through shape, from stone circles, to pyramids, to helices and networks.

May images of the circle dances in tribal societies, the skyscrapers of modern cities, the helix of DNA and the links and nodes of networks seep into your eyes and show you how we shape our world, then how that shape, shapes us.